Weapon destruction

My soldier’s weapons seem to get destroyed to easily by explosives. My weapons seem to get destroyed by a single grenade. I’ve had as many as 5 weapons destroyed on a single mission, 3 of which were destroyed on one turn.


It is still not fixed. I hope that more people will write about it and they will fix formula for damaging equipment from explosives.


I am going to drag this one back up! Man this is getting frustrating!! Every mission 2-3 soldiers are made useless because their weapons are destroyed.

It is what makes the alien nest missions hard… not the alien spam but only having half your soldiers useful and the rest running around holding side arms and med kits. Then the soldiers with weapons running low on ammo because they are the only ones left being able to fire!

Hopefully it is just a BB thing and going to get a final balance and make all weapons a little stronger.

I agree that there are some balancing issues. I reloaded the second Synedrion diplomacy mission a few times, as the first time, I got 4 x mortar chucking Chirons. Despite moving everyone indoors, at the end of only the alien’s first turn, three of my six-man team was dead, and the remaining three had had their weapons destroyed, and were about to kick the bucket anyway. There was literally nothing I could do to avoid this.

I like the idea that some missions are unwinnable until the player is advanced enough, but I think there should be some better indication of when this applies, or could possibly apply, depending on what the game throws at you. The same mission with 4 x goo chuckers was tough, but a heck of a lot easier.

Do you think a mission difficulty indicator would work? If they were accurate

There is no objective detectors of difficulty for current game now. In case of abusing abilities all missions are easy. In case of balance imitation you will choose limits for your troops by your own opinion. For example, not use Dash or Quick shot. Or 1 usage per turn. Kind of that. Depends of borders you chose, you will get equal difficulty.

I understand that currently there a many cheeses and exploits that can be used, but I ask sincerely, and not rhetorically, and in the interests of learning how to counter my own ineptitude - in the case I mentioned, how could I have avoided what happened? 4 Chirons with mortars start out of range and out of line of site. In front of them are let’s say 15 other assorted Arthrons and Tritons. On my first go, I can’t reliably get the whole team to make a dent in even one Chiron, but I could have a go at some of the others. Either way, the Chirons live. Whether I take cover or stay in the open, the mortars kill most of my team on the first go, before I can do anything. Taking cover is probably worse, as the building collapses on them. Spreading them out doesn’t work, as there isn’t enough high cover.

I could give everyone grenade launchers, but I’m still leaving myself wide open just trying to get close enough, no matter how much damage I do.

Any tips or suggestions? This doesn’t seem easy to me.

Youtube holds a bunch of tactics about ‘one-man-army’, when alone 7lvl soldier can make a dance lap around whole map and most important question is to equip him enough ammo. Do you have a couple of soldiers near 7lvl? I can’t remember how long I spent to get my first 7lvl, but it was happened before I met Hirons. Anyway, the list of most overpowered abilities starts from 2lvl ‘Dash’, could be combined with ‘Quick Aim’ at 4lvl. It gives you 2 snipershots from every 4lvl soldier.

Thanks for the info - will investigate.