Goliath GL-2 target pre-view bugged

I have tried using the Phoenix Point grenade launcher, the Goliath GL-2, around 10 times now and I think roughly 50% of the times, the targets the game UI showed me I would hit wasn’t hit at all when I fired it.

The problem is that even though it clearly shows me that I’ll hit 2 crabmen, it doesn’t take into account that there’s actually a roof over them that the grenade will hit pretty much ½ the time.

I’ve had similar problems in other fights, but for this one I decided to save just before the shot so I could try it out a few times, and it seems to be pretty common sadly.

the grenade launcher has a spread in where the round will land. The UI could do a better job of showing that

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Yeah I wanted to post a suggestion that there should be a circle on the ground for most likely area grenade will hit, or the 50% zone like a gun, or whatever. I understand how it works but I’ve seen some streamers get frustrated who didn’t realize it worked that way.

Or it could show a pattern of dots like how World of Tanks does artillery aiming. Such as:


Good one. :slight_smile: