Put new enemies – Myrmidons and Acherons – in story missions

Myrmidons and Acherons greatly improve the difficulty of game and should appear in story missions as well. Player can bring full upgraded mutoids but pandoras didn’t get the buff in enemies to counter it.

Put new enemies – Myrmidons and Acherons – in story missions | Voters | Phoenix Point

I just had a ‘story’ mission, and in that mission I have to capture the Archeron. There were also myrmidons in the mission too. With how many reinforcements the Archeron can call the mission quickly became a complete mess.

Myrmidons have exceptionally annoying design. I don’t want to see them in a fight ever.

Insanely dense, meaning they can only be efficiently killed by endgame sniper/infiltrator builds from long range and at short range otherwise (but not quite melee due to explosion).

Have enough movement to reach you from almost anywhere and are usually given advantageous positions on rooftops initially. Overwatch is almost guaranteed to do nothing to them. So you always have to kill myrmidons first with terminator builds. Or make them waste turn by spamming disposable decoys (infiltrator decoy, spider drone, worm).

And to press point of ‘%^& player’ further, they don’t even have autopsy for +10% damage. Acid damage is also fairly worthless vs enemies, but extreme threat to player.


That is because that story mission is from DLC corrupted horizons, the previous one are frozen in time.

Final mission for example don’t have any of the new enemies.

Totally agree with you.

Myrnidons are, in my opinion, the worst video game enemies ever designed in the entire history of video game development. They are ridiculously overtuned and unbalanced. They do way too much damage, have way too many hit points, and are just too hard to hit. They are also way more dangerous and powerful than the Scylla, which is supposed to be the apex enemy in the game.

My go-to approach to dealing with myrmidons is to instantly hit “Restart” mission if there are more than three on a map. Then I pray to RNG-us for a more balanced distribution of enemies on the new mission.