Myrmidons can go to hell

This enemy is currently the most frustrating enemy there is. Borderline broken. 99% of a time single hit brakes a hand of a soldier. Not even Arthroms can do that with one attack. And those buggers just pop in from nowhere. Can avoid overwatch because you don’t know they are there. How is it possible that a “scout” unit does more melee damage than dedicated melee unit?


Well they fit the role as single time strike unit which can disable your lonely units. This is one of the units which can counter some of the player tactics which earlier were not easy for the enemy to counter.

So I would say - good job Snapshot. :wink:


Lonely, he says. They will jump into the group of units just to disable one, which is silly.

I wasn’t meaning that they specifically hunt for such units, but if they catch such one off guard you know the outcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Indeed, Mymidons are a pain in the ass. I tried going indoors and they still found a way to leap through the ceiling and jab my guys. Not a enjoyable addition.

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As there is no swarm mechanic for them, one will come and harm your soldiers. As your soldiers get libs healed after the mission, not a big deal. At least there is a danger now, a bit tension…

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True… true…
Such an odd form for it to come in though, no? :thinking: Stronger, tougher, faster, and able to destroy Terrain… like a micro-scylla, tougher than an arthron or a triton. So very very very odd to me. Seeing its size, I’d expect lots of them but weak like worms and no ability to break through terrain. I wonder if that was ever tried and if there were issues with that or something.

Also kind of surprised they didn’t just slap some wings on an Arthron and call it a day :rofl:. At least the kind of strength Myrmidons have would make sense on a creature that size.

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Let’s have a quarter of your team arm less on second turn. Fun.

That made my day. :wink:

Probably it was, but making multitude of them would prolong enemy turn probably significantly. And people don’t like that.

That creature is very old. I mean Myrmidons already created as model at early state of the game development but not animated. They just used it at the FS for the sake of adding something new for tactical.

Yes it’s absurd to have something powerful but little. I would like to have them as swarm to make them more logical. But… you know…

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I’ve just realized that jumping around and breaking arms is what Heavy soldiers usually do in player’s hands. So I guess we should be grateful that Myrmidons don’t War Cry our soldiers into oblivion as well… :wink:


Oh g… that explains it. Not far off from my arthron with wings mockery then :stuck_out_tongue: They don’t even have proper limbs either. The bar is so low.

There is no problem to resurrect an old concept and add it later. BUT a single mini unit which is not fitting to pandoran body types. I would want to have it as a swarm not a little fly alone around. It looks like so forced. I would prefer winged anthrons at it would make more sense to get a fly mutations to them.

We already have worms as a “swarm” type enemy. Putting wings on an arthron model would’ve elicited the same negative reaction as “recycling”. My only small gripe is that the model size could’ve been made bigger - the amount of HP feels a bit too much for its current size.

It’s not so true as worms swarms only as a weapon of chiron. I talk about Myrmidons with 3-4 together at maps when they spawn. Like zombies at xcom 2.

“recycling”? It’s a mutation. If you think it would be recycling then the pandorans are all about that. We got 4 pandoran types and all others are recycling the main types. So I don’t think so.

I still would like to have a totally new flying pandoran with mutations at human size but I could ignore that at FS is about geosphere. Sadly it failed that purpose too but it’s another story.

Its like alien faceguer, fast unit.

Keep distance, keep overwatch

Just we got it already :slight_smile:

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Facehuggers couldn’t jump half the map and chew off your hand. Overwatch is pointless, because you don’t know where to aim, because they jump from behind a wall. Their damage should be halved because they are small and shouldn’t have damage greater than dedicated melee unit. Additionally the poison variant makes enough chaos that you need to disperse to not take that damage on death.

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I still manage to fence them off, but havent encoutered (yet) more then 2 at same turn.

Ahhh they should chestburst :slight_smile: