Put game in wrong location...I think

So I opened the Epic Launcher and redeemed my code. I then got an error that the new version would not work without the full game. I think I put the new stuff in the wrong directory. So, what do I need to move and where should I put it to fix this?

Also, when I start the game it says ‘Backer Build’ version number is 0.5.48579 Feeling kinda stupid but hey…just need some help :slight_smile:

Using the redeem code should give you 2 items
“Phoenix Point”
“Phoenix Point Content *2 DLC”

now obviously you need the first one to be able to play at all …then you can install the second one, which are the FIG’s campaigns Alien Live Weapon and Armor as I understand it

sounds like you were trying to input the Season Pass key. The key for the full game was sent to owners a few days ago from contact@snapshotgames.com. Check in you spam/trash/promotions folders for it. If you cannot find it, email contact@snapshotgames.com with the transaction ID from your receipt.

If you purchased a key from a reseller like G2A and you got the backer build, you didn’t buy the full game. Someone just put their backer build key up as the full game