Missing game from Epic Library

Hello, I purchased an early build in 2019 from your website, I redeemed the code that was sent on the epic games launcher, I saw the game show up on the launcher, played a bit and wanted to wait until a final build was released.

It’s been awhile but I recently wanted to play again with all the content you have been releasing and it is missing from my library.

I contacted Epic support and they said the code was redeemed and it should appear in my library, I’ve checked everything online and went through different steps and still cannot get the game to appear in the library anymore.

Anything additional information that you would need I can provide, I just would really like to hop back in and enjoy the content you guys have put out.


I think there are 2 possibilities:

  1. You redeemed only the backer build key but never redeemed the release version key. The backer build is no longer available and disappeared from your library. You need to redeem the release version via key. I sent you your key via PM. Try to use the key. If it will say that the key was already redeemed then:

  2. You redeemed the release version but on a different account than you are using right now.

Key can only be used once. Once the key has been redeemed, the game stays on your account. If you can no longer see Phoenix Point in your library, this usually means that you’re signed into a different Epic Games account. We see this happen quite often, as Epic allows you to sign in with email, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Xbox Live, and various other sign-on methods.

​For that reason, you should try to log in with your other emails, Facebook and Gmail, and check your library there. Or check your mailbox to see how exactly you registered on Epic Games.

How to Verify that you’re logged into the correct Epic Games account - explanation by Epic: LS-0021: Your account doesn’t own this game - Epic Games Support

You’re absolutely right, thank you so much for clearing that up, much appreciated.

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Hi @Valygar

I have exactly the same issue . I had the backer build 4 key, which I have played on Epic at the time of release. The game isn’t available for me anymore. It appears that Epic can’t do much about that, as I haven’t received or redeemed the release key (perhaps because I don’t have access to my old email account anymore since late 2019).

However I am an early backer, and I still have my original Xsolla receipts and everything… and all our correspondence until late 2019. can you help me get back into the game?

many thanks,

Hi @EvanP

The email you are registered with on this forum is not your backer email so I will need you to write from your backer email to contact@snapshotgames.com.

If you do not have access to your backer email then you can write from any email and add the Xsolla receipts.

@Valygar thank you

I will write from my current email (the one I registered in this forum) and forward my receipts and all evidence I have