Purchase Bug? Help

Hiya there firstly just want to say im super excited about Phoenix point it looks great so i thought id get involved and buy it.
But i have received no confirmation emails or anything at all about the purchase but i have received a Paypal receipt so at least i know it worked.

Not sure if this is the best place to post this but its kind of a bug i suppose.

Thanks Alot

Definitely good place :wink: Just wait for UnstableVoltage responce. :slight_smile: And wait for email / check spam folder.

I feel i may have put .co.uk on my Email instead of .com Face Palm

Offtopic: Is it better to use @UnstableVoltage in similar cases? I mean the forum is not that big yet to make it impossible to read everything, but pinging is pinging, so…

It does sound like you may have entered the incorrect email. You will need to contact Xsolla, they will help you out.


A very helpful man Named Joel helped me and id typed co.uk, this is what i get for getting a fresh email haha

Thanks alot everyone :grinning: