Have I been Scammed?

I’ve bought the luxury edition but no key in my mailbox. The xscolla support is also silent. Do I refund?

Oh, found it on my paypal email. Sorry for the fuss, you can close the topic, BUT for everybody’s sake BE MORE CLEAR WITH THE BUYERS, please.

Glad to hear you could resolve it yourself.
While I concede that it might have been more clearly communicated that these mails would be issued to the mail address associated with the method of payment, I must also point out that throwing around “scam” insinuations isn’t really constructive.

Had you contacted us earlier here on these forums or our Discord server, myself or my colleagues would have quickly pointed out that you should check the mail address used for paying the pledge/preorder.

I will close this thread as per your request – enjoy the first Backer Build, and please feel free to leave feedback in the Feedback Section of this forum!