Procedural maps not working?

I recall lots of hype about the procedural map-making system, but in the two campaigns I have started I have encountered many of what appear to be the same maps. I expect story mission maps to be pre-configured, but random raids and scavenge missions should be randomized, right? Does anyone have any insight into whether or not this feature has been cut? I would be willing to accept that I’m just having super bad luck with the procedural generation, but I am hearing the same thing from other players.

After re-starting a few time I did notice some of the missions were he same map and starting place. Maybe this is like Xcom-2 were the first few missions are scripted.

The scripted missions I expect to have pre-configured maps, but I was well into the midgame in my first campaign, doing “random” missions, and now I’m seeing some of the same maps in “random” missions in my second campaign.

It does seem to be working, but they’re using a tile based map generator. So you’ll see the same buildings and set pieces set out in different places, unfortunately their tile pools seems to be really small so most of the maps (of the same tile set) end up looking very similar.

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