Random maps in backers build 2

How many random maps do we have in backers build 2? I can’t get those which were in backers build 1.2. Am I unlucky or there are only 3 new settings?

  • night and dusk base map with armadillo in the center on the bridge and 2 entrances where queen shows on the other side of the map
  • daylight big base map with dropship in front of our entrance where armadillo is in opposite corner to dropship, 3 entrances, quite many enemies and no queen
  • small map at dusk with ruined buildings and without walls, where enemies spawn around you and queen arrives in the same place where you started, armadillo is on the other side than you behind some buildings

I think there’s a night, twilight, and day map, but a lot of stuff in those 3 daylight settings is procedurally generated. But they probably seem similar when you’ve played them a lot ;o

They are simillar. Just found that the smaller map from BB 1.2 is currently night and dusk map. Devs just added Armadillo on the bridge and changed light and algorithm where each piece of map can show up. As there are more of that pieces, map can look quite different. :slight_smile: Still didn’t saw bigger map from BB 1.2.

I also want to leave small feedback about map generation:

  1. I think that bases/cities should have some paths for pedestriants. And building should be rotated to have entrances connected to those paths
  2. Same thing applies to garages and repair bays. If there is some vehicle in a shack/garage or in some depot please generate that garage or depot next to road and rotate their entrance toward that road
  3. I know toilets are just like cult in XCOM franchise but having 3 of them in a base consisting of 8 buildings is too many in my opinion. Unless base has some strange name like “Thawed old sausages”. Some maximum limit of each building can be set depending on map scheme. :slight_smile: