Shape and discovering the maps

What do you think that all the maps, not just the alien bases, should have shape different than square? Or maybe at least those outside of human settlements. It would increase variety. Some canyon, some small valley, riverbank somewhere in the jungle, etc.

How we will discover the map? Will we see it’s layout at the beginning of mission or will we discover it via scouting? With not regular map shapes we would never know what to expect and how far map goes. With square shape you can predict where are the enemies if you have discovered at least two corners of the map.


If they let the outside world maps generate randomly like diablo 3 dungeons it will be cool not always being square. And if you don’t have intel of zone you shouldn’t know the shape of the map so you have to scout. If they can implement something like this I agree surely it will bring much more variety.


Not only square maps are confirmed, so it is good news :slight_smile: Would be nice to see some irregular maps, and in other shapes than squares or rectangles. Many shapes means greater replayability and uncertainty at the beginning of the mission. I also have high hopes for bigger maps.


Ravaged cities are always a plus, specially if showing today’s landmarks as destroyed. Abandoned mega factories. A flooded Grand Canyon. A blossoming tropical forest within Sahara desert, showing that something good came out of sea levels rising. Pandora virus’s bases as a dark coral reef, but without the ocean, of course.


Even back in Xcom days mission geoscape creation was varied on the continent, alien mission etc.

DOS version, unlike Amiga one, had night missions

There was nice influence of terrain, would love to see that expanded

Apocalypse added next level to complexity
with such feats as cityscape fights