Pledge Upgrade option


lol. No. No update about xsolla. :wink:


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This should be somewhat important. People who are pledging a year later should not have more access to >the game than people who originally backed during the initial crowdfunding.

Why?Someone could not be aware of relatively short campaign, or could not be in position to help.

Also, looking at price to get BB access during and after campaign, later “pledgers” pay quite nice fee for not being there then.

Digital Deluxe version with BB option is avail continuously since crowdfunding.


With the LUX20 campaign, it was not more expensive for early-access (there was some other minor difference between the packages though) for the slacker-backers compared to the fig-campaign. And they could/can update from normal to early-access while fig-backers still can’t.


I agree codes help, but its a temp meassure, not a fixed price.


But still no update. Is there a volunteer who would like to update this tread daily, by writing there is “still no update”?


The codes were working for months. And there is LUX15 working now, which is not that different from LUX20…

I’m not angry because I have other games to play, but I’m annoyed that they still can’t fix their shop. I can’t know who is at fault, CrowdOx, Snapshot, XSolla, but that doesn’t make the situation “OK”, even if you are OK with it.


It’s not a case of it needed to be “fixed”. I’ll admit that going with Xsolla was an unusual choice. While making new transactions is straightforward, Xsolla have/had no system to deal with purchases made outside of their own store. The fact that so many Fig backers had issues receiving their emails for Backer Build 1 highlight how difficult it has been just to integrate the Fig data.

We’ve delivered artwork for our new store at the weekend, and the redesign should be delivered to us this week for approval. This will also include to upgrade functionality.


Progress? I try not to get frustrated with this but would love to test gameplay and give some feedback. I’m pretty sure most of the original backers would… June is a long ways away.


Yes, there is progress - but it’s still not ready yet. As we’ve stated many times, we will make an announcement when the functionality is there.


Cool cool. I know it will be announced. My eagerness is only my want to support this title and team behind it.


Just wondered with BB3 coming out if there was any news or an ETA on this?


check e-mail, check other threads of forum, check main site od the game


no news, yet


Its been 9 months now since the issue of upgraded pledges was initially raised.

I (and I am sure many others) would be grateful for any updates on the current position.


as would the team, but Xsolla continues to be Xsolla


We’ve been waiting for something close to a year now for our retail partner to put a system into place to allow these upgrades. We’ve been promised delivery date after delivery date and so far they have failed to hit every deadline. I can assure you that this is equally, it not more frustrating for us. We have customers ready and waiting to give us more money and we can’t currently take it. The last date I was given for a solution is early February. But I was also told January and then December before that.

Rest assured, as soon as it is available we will let people know. There’s no need to keep checking. We’re chasing it weekly.


Why not make a sticky or an FAQ about it? - When new people come to the forum they might then check there first rather than raising new posts or threads.

I’m sure you’ll have already considered this, but if your retail partner aren’t reliable, do you have the option to switch to a different retail partner? Speaking as a consumer, I was initially keen to upgrade, but patience has its limits and Xsolla are not exactly giving me confidence that they’d handle my upgrade appropriately even if/when that option does become available.

I’m certainly put off backing via Fig/Xsolla for any future titles. To which whilst I would be more than happy to back Snapshot Games in future, I hope that you’ll go with a different retail partner.


We have FAQs all over the place. People never read them and never bother to search if the question has been answered before. They often don’t even read previous posts in the thread they’re posting in.


Fig isn’t that bad. There are issues with it sure, but nothing compared to Xsolla


The FAQs (that I’m aware of) are obscured on the Phoenix Point website rather than here so people searching for FAQs here will possibly miss those. If there is another FAQ on this forum directly, then speaking personally it’s not easy to find (I didn’t find it and I did search).

I’m not aware at all of where your other FAQs lists are, so maybe this is a question that is addressed in one of them.