Can we still upgrade?

Is there still a plan to allow the possibility for Fig and other EA backers to upgrade their pledges, or is this dead in the water now that BB4 is appearing on Epic?

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was UV’s reply to me when I was mumbling about my usual Fig-backer complaining… so there is hope for that (though I’m not sure I’ll upgrade when it’s available, with Epic-store and stuff).

the people that bought their pre-orders directly from Xsolla can get upgrades by contacting them and asking for the upgrade. And if they originally bought the pre-order before the Epic deal announcement, the compensation for pre-deal backers will still apply.

Just keep your receipts because otherwise you’d be trusting Xsolla to keep track of that

Considering they couldn’t even get Fig-backers into their system over… a year or so, I would not trust them with anything I would miss…