Bakker from Russia/ cost game and my sup

I’m bakker from
My number is “YOU’RE BACKER #10,658”
I’m donate 30$ and will get this bonuses:

  • Desktop Wallpapers
  • Chaos Reborn Steam Key
  • Phoenix Point Game Digital Download
  • Digital Game Manual
    But for now the game cost 18,79 base version, and 28,09 for platinum.
    Do I may get early access and platinum version?
    I send this topic on this adress
    Snapshot Games Forums , but for now not answer ( I send it 15.09.19). Do you may help me?

Unfortunately, there is no way to upgrade a fig pledge. Your pledge doesn’t grant access to higher tears, and without an ability to buy addons, there is no way of expanding or adding to the original pledge.

It seems like you are lucky/unlicky with your regional pricing. In my teritorry platinum version costs over 52 punds.

You might try to request a refund and simply buy a platinum version instead, though it might not be honored - after all you did get what you pledged for. It does suck to see a much more affordable price afterwards though.

Yes, that’s why for now I didn’t ask refund.
But I will see reaction on that from who I was supported.
And 30$ in Russia it is not small (313,35 mounth payment for us 50-60%)
And if it is fair to reason, the game should have been received in q4 2018.
Mb I’m wrong…

The original pricing was during crowdfunding and is at a set price. We’ve now moved onto our retail pricing (which is technically more expensive), but we also now have regional pricing meaning that game is cheaper in certain regions.

You could ask for a refund, and purchase a different package, but you would lose out on getting the Steam key next year and the free year of DLC.

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I feel you. I am originally from Poland, so I know why region pricing is, and should be a thing. Unfortunately, crowdfunding doesn’t support crowdfunding. It is just different kind of a beast. I am a low tier backer, too, but unfortunately Xsolla made it impossible to upgrade existing pledges.

I don’t think that the fact that the original estimate was 2018 entitles us to anything - project takes longer then estimated and get more resources pumped into it, but I don’t think we loose anything.

Again, you might request a refund and if it is granted buy a platinum version. If Snapshot refuses to grant it, nothing is lost.

However, there are also a pretty good reasons to keep your original pledge, as it grants you pretty worthwile benefits.

As you probably know, the game is Epic exclusive - that means for the first year it will be available only on the epic store. If you would buy premium edition, you would get access to beta, and Alien DLC items on said platform.

However, backers who contributed to the game funding before this deal was announced (including you) will get an extra key for the platform their originally chose after the year of exclusivity is over, and they will get a year worth of DLC for free.

See more at:

In my estimate, that is worth hanging on to more, then playing buggy and unifinished backer build now.

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Yes, I agree with your opinion. The question for me is complicated, but I like your point of view. Thanks.
P.S. I will hope they will repear all bugs and not will be to transfer release date. Good luck to you.