Please provide support for those without middle mouse-buttons...and, the letter 'T'

Hi–Yeah, my new $2,000 laptop didn’t come with one… No, I don’t know why…

Please, Snapshot, just give us some decent keyboard-bindings?

Plus for zoom-in, Minus for zoom-out? It’s right there, on my number-pad.

I would also love it, if the current aim-in zooming-key (the letter ‘T’ on the keyboard) would
allow a smooth, continuous zoom, rather than my having to click it a bajillion tim, each time I want to
focus in on a crab-man’s beady little eye…

Or, yeah, just make the plus/minus keys serve this purpose, as well.
That would also work, and probably better.

Thank you!

(By the way, I use NeatMouse–which is free–to fix the problem, for games which don’t have good
key-bindings, if anyone else is having this same problem. I wouldn’t say it’s a perfect solution,
or I wouldn’t be writing this post, but it’s a lovely little program. I hope that helps some other fellow Lost-In-The-Mist-er out there…)