Free aiming zoom problem


so i play with windows game pass and zooming in and out with mousewheel or otherwise does perfectly work when not in free aiming mode but when i use free aiming, then i can’t zoom out with the mousewheel at all and with the key g just a little bit, like one tik and then it gets stuck. i have to push the g key again and again so that it zooms out tik for tik. sadly, it makes the game for me unplayablle.

Do you have any other controllers plugged in? If so, this could be the cause.

no, just my usb mouse, nothing else.

but i had one connected a while ago. is it maybe the driver who causes the issue? should is deinstall it maybe?

I doubt it is just the driver. People have had issues when other input devices were plugged in.

so no other device than pluging out controllers? is it possible that my touchpad messes things up somehow?

It may be… try disabling the touchpad just for testing.