Please, for the love of Cthulhu, make all key and mouse bindings modifiable

I checked this thread for this topic, and I found the last one dealing with this was from last year, so I think it’s okay to ask this question again.

After a while of not playing PP, I installed my GOG version of the Year One Edition, to find out that there are still keybindings that are fixed and not modifiable at all. Why, for goodness’ sake? It would be natural to bind the zoom function to mouse wheel up and down and use e.g. the T and G keys to adjust the camera level, but no… the mouse wheel is bound to camera level/height, and it can’t be changed for no good reason. It’s not even possible to invert the direction.

Please make all key bindings (at least those relevant to game play) fully and freely customizable. This should be standard by now, it’s 2020, after all.

It would be also great to be able to freely tilt the camera instead of being only able to rotate it at one fixed tilt angle.

Free camera rotation is an option inside the menu.

@sectoid_br I am already aware of that option, but it’s only a free camera by name and doesn’t do what I’m asking for.

With the “free camera” option activated, only the azimuth (clockwise/counterclockwise rotation) is free and not in 90° steps anymore.

I’m asking to add the option to change the elevation/pitch angle of the camera. It would be nice to be able to look farther ahead even at higher zoom levels or low camera altitude. The fixed elevation/pitch angle makes playing in higher zoom levels not a lot of fun, which is kind of sad because it would be nice to enjoy the model and texture details while still being able to have a better awareness of the surroundings.

And it would certainly make for some really nice screenshots from lower angles.

Technically it should be possible without big problems because the game already moves to a free “over the shoulder” camera for the shooting animations, and back after the action.

yeah, for some reason, the Z key is fixed and not in a good way (just bought it btw) :
if you try to switch W to Z (AZERTY player here), it says [Z] is already reserved for "FLOOR LEVEL FOCUS UP, "! and is unavailable for this one!
so ok, I go and switch the Z key to W, which works!
but then when I try to assign Z to the now empty slot to move the camera up, I get [Z] is already reserved for “”! and is unavailable for this one!
and now the binding is messed up because I cannot assign Z anymore, even to the action it was previously bound to so my only option is to reset to default bindings so I guess I’ll have to do half of everything with the mouse?

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Its badly needed for ingame mechanics of choosing which floor to aim, jump or move to :slight_smile:

Not being able to bind these functions to other keys in 2020 is pretty ridiculous. Mouse scrolling for zooming in and out feels much more natural. And rebinding the level changing functions to other keys should pose no problem at all, no matter how badly needed a function is.

Imagine someone would argue the same way about the WASD keys or the reload key in an FPS.

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