Some suggestions

When you order aircraft move make the time advancement optional, its annoying to try controlling multiple aircraft when time starts with every order.

Invert mouse wheel. I am on the minority that thinks when you scroll towards the screen camera should zoom in.

  • I enjoy the physics of the game - great stuff! ++
  • you need to polish the base, I would like to see some movement there, some life in the phoenix bases. I would change the music to something more cheerful when home- people would fight the “going nuts thing” you have going… -

“Invert mouse wheel. I am on the minority that thinks when you scroll towards the screen camera should zoom in.”

Absolutely. I find this reverse scrolling unintuitive.
When keybinding became available, I was like, awesome.
Then I got in and found I couldn’t switch the scrolling.
Not only that, but I’d rather have the wheel mouse zoom the camera without changing the level and use keyboard to change up and down levels.

Sure… press T and G to zoom in and out.
Still… I’d rather scroll the wheel forward to zoom in and scroll back to have the camera zoom out.
Then use T and G to be the Level change (which level of a building is shown).

So… not really sure what your video is trying to say. We already know how it works. That’s what we’re asking to be able to rebind.

Look further, from 1:34

Yes. That says that the mouse is used to scroll up and down through the levels.
That still doesn’t change the fact that the function of the mouse wheel can’t be changed and is currently inverted to how we find intuitive.
Additionally… I can’t rebind the mouse to NOT change levels and just do the zoom.

I think I’m starting to sound antagonistic. Sorry if that comes across. I’m pretty sure you’re not trolling, so I’m getting frustrated trying to work out what point you’re trying to make.

My English is bad, so I can be wrong, but I see from 1:34

Pardon me! If I made a mistake and misled you :slightly_frowning_face:

No worries. That’s fine. =)
I think you are talking about pressing the middle mouse button to zoom the map all the way out. That’s a different feature again. =)

Thank you for trying to find a solution. Unfortunately, we can’t rebind the wheel mouse zoom. Until we can, there is no solution.