Touchscreen support

Hi guys and gals, great job on the game so far. Keep up the amazing work.

I would like to request support for touchscreens in the future as most companies are releasing 2in1s or tablets going forward.

Thank you

How about no? I’d prefer devs to focus on polishing K+M interface rather that spreading out to cover all the gimmicks.

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I respect your opinion. But I’ll prefer that the devs give it a thought.
Also it was a humble request…

I’m not sure if tablet can handle such game… maybe on potato settings?

I’m against this only because it pulls away resources from other development. If they can do this without spending much time on it then that’s fine but I don’t know how reasonable that is. Maybe just a simple one-click for left mouse and double click for right mouse (well 1 or double touch).

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I was interested in seeing if this could be implemented in the future, may not be at the time of full release.

Touchscreen support usually requires UI/UX redesign as well, so I doubt it could be done effortlessly, especially for a game with a good number of lists, tables and other rather complex UI elements. I think it is better to follow Darkest Dungeon’s path and work on touch-compatible version after the game release.

On a side note, PP is a rather graphically-intense game so not sure how many touch devices will be able to run it…

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Nowadays we’re getting tablets with 8th gen core processors with thunderbolt 3.0 ports. Can’t underestimate future.

Of course I didn’t want it tomorrow, that’s why I requested “in the future”. Would be something devs might think of after full release. It would be awesome to be able to play this on a long bus or subway ride without needing a full keyboard and mouse (my use case).

It seems fair enough. :wink: