No keyboard binding custumization?

No option to customize keyboard controls? ever?


Yeah, that was my same thought when I loaded up the game for the first time.

I almost can’t believe that in 2019 a game comes out that hasn’t got customizable keys, so I’m praying it’s just us being st00b!d and not able to find them :slight_smile:


I would like to have custom bindings, too pls!

Yes would be great to add it, dev friends! :slight_smile:

Coming from a french speaking country, my keyboard is differt (azerty instead of qwerty) so it does not work for moving around with the camera

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Unfortunately “2019” also means more development time spent on console :roll_eyes:

I’m so disappointed…
What is the purpose of early access and bug report, if at the end an obvious and mandatory feature like keyboard mapping is not in the game ?
It makes me worried about what else is missing.

I hope it will be fix soon.

aye, didn’t see this in feedback before i posted, but for a left hander, this is basically mandatory, no way i can use all those keys trapped around wasd with my right hand

What in the actual heck? No keybinds? This smells like a console port.

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This is exactly why I need key binding customization.

+1 I’d like this too, or at least a configuration that suits being left handed.

Devs, please, add keybinds to the game.

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Are you freaking serious with this?!?!?!

Is this your first day???

It is /currentyear and this is some 101 level crap!

In the state, the game is unplayable with an AZERTY keyboard layout ; same keys are used for pairs of antagonistic actions !!!


If it is too complicated to transform the interface of visualization of the keys of the game already present in the options in order to be able to modify them, a text file or xml to be published would be already a solution in the short term!

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This isn’t affecting me at all, I’m fine with the key bindings. But I will chip in and say that I would be mightily pissed off if I wasn’t.

Can you really not redefine the keys? That’s a bit bad.

)terse head shaking(

Not being able to rebind the keys is madness, it’s a basic feature in every game.

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Please give us key customization. You have no idea how award it us for left-handers to fiddle with these set keys. It not only distracts from the game play but has you regular hitting the wrong key, keys being in the worst possible place.
You might think it’s a simple little thing not worth your time, but boy it’s a the size of a mountain to some of us.

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Yeah consoles. The thorn in the side of PC gamers. You never seem to get that perfect game when it’s a port. There is always some drama with it.

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In the meantime you could use a program like pinnacle game profiler to rebind the keys I believe.
Would of course be much better not to have to resort to such meassures, but Im confident they’ll fix it soon.

Aught to be other tools out there thats possibly better and cheaper/free but this is the one Ive used in the past.

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Left handed and azerty keyboard, please fix that! I can’t believe you miss that point