Camera movement

Hello. I have a deep and profound hatred for how the camera controls are set up; mainly it’s the turning/rotating of the camera/map that’s driving me nuts. You can drag/pan around the map with left mouse button (LMB), but have to use the Q/E or other keyboard button for rotating. Why on earth aren’t the rotation of the map/camera tied to the right mouse button (RMB)? That way you’d have fluid and complete control of the camera/map from the same controller (mouse) with both pan(LMB), rotate(RMB) and zoom/elevation with the scrollwheel.

The RMB function as it is now is just breaking my heart: An instamove one-click function that basically is just the same as a doubleclick LMB? It’s current function has given me so much grief as I accidentaly bump the key or click it trying to intuitively rotate the map/camera, and the awkward babycam-like digital-input rotation of the map on the keyboard is just screaming noooooo in my head everytime I use it.

Please change the function of the RMB to the above as default, or at least enable the option to bind it so that I can have the snazzy fully analogue cameracontrol that we all know this game deserves. :slight_smile:


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In general customisation controls would be very good.