Feedback: Right Click Left Click Insanity

In just about every game I have played, holding down MMB or RMB is used to pan the camera, never LMB. This is a problem, because when I try to use RMB to move the camera… I end up sending my soldier to a random point on the map, immediately.

Also, normally your right click a file to get a list of options for how to interact with it, like copy or delete or properties. Wouldn’t it be more intuitive, then, to have dragging RMB for camera movement, and RMB to access Enemy Info and such?

It is also intensely confusing when using abilities, as suddenly everything is flipped. Now, pressing RMB doesn’t automatically perform the action, but now LMB does. RMB instead cancels out of your ability, and sometimes leads to you double clicking by mistake, and so ending up going to a random point on the map.

There is no way to change the key bindings, either. I can get used to this… but to what end must we get used to it? It seems like an unintuitive control scheme, to me, which will give me bad habits in other games.

Do others think the current way is the best way of handling it?

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According to this reddit comment (which I haven’t been able to source) the feature existed but regressed:

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I’m beginning to think these regressions are becoming a crutch for Phoenix Point. There are certain kinds of bugs that tend to pop up again, inexplicably. But this is a weirdly wide variety of bugs, in areas I wouldn’t expect.

How do you mess up key bindings?

That’s a good question. Perhaps the location the keybinding was saved in changed from the user accessible folder to the game data file? Thus when it loads the menu it knows it’s read only and doesn’t allow changing?

They did recently release a hot patch that changed the save directory (or reverted it since backer builds used that directory) and caused chaos.

Don’t hold your breath for this game to be made playable, that’s for sure.

I know you have a lot of criticisms for the game, but I am enjoying it for the most part. To me it is playable now even with it’s issues and annoyances. I do hope it gets refined over time.

Glad you’re enjoying it. You’re a reasonable person, so I have no issue with your enjoying the game. I really wanted to enjoy this… but there are just too many hindrances in LoS/OW, horrible balance, and poor direction with stuff like lack of gear progression through research.

Oh, for future reference, I did track down the dev statement about keybindings:

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