Zooming in and out

I just got the game, so I’ve not tried everything yet, but I like the graphics and the music is ok.

I just don’t understand the zoom. Why can’t I just zoom all the way out and in with middle mouse button?
Maybe I’m not doing it right, but I can’t free the camera from its bird view. I would also like to see things from a normal view tilting the camera. Is that possible?

Hi. The mouse wheel itself doesn’t control zoom (although the button does zoom right out). The mouse wheel actually changes the selected terrain height. Zooming in and out is done via T and G. You can unlock the camera from 90 degree rotation, but it will always view the battle from the same angle. A full list of key bindings and other useful information can be found in the game guide PDF supplied with the Backer Build.


Speaking of camera control, can we get a free camera? As in, completely free. Or, at least, a way to view the battlefield from soldier’s perspective without entering the manual aim mode? Given the nature of ballistic simulation, being able to see what your soldiers can see to evaluate the terrain around them is much more important that in FXCom.