Player reinforcements

I wonder whether it would be a workable idea to allow the player to receive reinforcements during missions?

At the moment, you can send multiple aircraft to a mission location, but no matter how many soliders are transported to that destination, you’re still limited with regards to how many can take on that mission, with some of your guys being left to keep the aircraft seats warm.

I’d like to see an all round raise to the number of player troops that can be present during missions, but if not that what if you could receive reinforcements during the mission in a similar way to how Pandorans currently do.

Maybe if not for all missions, it could be something that could occur during base/faction defence?


Anything to remove the arbitrary restriction on deploying troops. It’s just odd that I can bring a billion dudes but no more than eight are allowed to deploy at once, even though there’s probably two billion crabs waiting for me.

I use the Unlimited Deployment mod though to send two full aircraft in at once during the latter stages of the game when the overwhelming starts to happen. Be nice if it was just a vanilla feature tho.

Not to mention that the enemy has unlimited reinforcements in some missions. Balanced or unbalanced? Excuse me I used the word balanced. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t see a reason why there would need to be reinforcements if you already have them on site. Bring them all at the start of the fight. Otherwise…

If there should be and NEED to be a limit of soldiers available at once then allow to bring next soldier to fight when evacuating one of previously deployed.

And why there should be a limit of troops in the mission? To make battles faster. Of course there should be some limit to enemy units (lower than it currently is). Aliens should have limit of currently deployed units even if there are reinforcements awaiting to enter the map.

If anything more units during fight in turn based strategy means longer turns… In Long War mod for FiraXCOM it can be noticed that increasing soldier limit by 50% increased time required to finish each battle. I’m not sure if it is preferred change by me.

Still quicker than getting the resources together to equip a new squad after getting curbstomped by fishy Ragnarok though.