Can we increase squad sizes now?

I’m very glad to see some of the much needed nerfs to solider perks coming into the game with the 1st patch. Can’t wait to start a new play through and see how things feel in practice. :slight_smile:

One suggestion I’d like to make in advance though is; if soldiers are now a little less like superheros on the battlefield, does that then give licence to increase the squad sizes that we can into the start of missions? I think 16 was originally proposed and I hope we still end up there, but even upping it to 10 would be a nice way to re-balance for the increase in difficulty.

I would like to see extra slots for vehicle. Or at least the vehicles not taking SEVERAL soldier slots in squads.

For an immediate solution …

There is a mod that removes the limit to soldier deployment. Although I have never tried more than 10 and I usually use 8, I suppose it should work.

And there is an other mod, a little more complicated to use where you can modify the stats for airships to add seats, increase speed, range, …