Physical Pre-Order

I backed on fig when the game was first announced at the physical collector’s edition level. I have yet to receive any kind of communication regarding the shipment of this. I emailed the support email back in september 2020, and have yet to get any kind of response.

At this point I’d just like a refund. I didn’t want to play on Epic, and even if I could get a Steam key, I’m really just interested in the art book that I purchased.

If any member of staff could help me out here I’d appreciate it. I can provide screenshots to corroborate what I’m claiming here.


I checked the email you are registered with here in our database and can confirm that you purchased Early Bird Collectors Edition. These physical goodies were sent more than a year ago. We did not get shipping info from you and that’s why we could not send it. But we still have it and will send it to you. We will need this info:

Your Name
Address First Line
Address Second Line
Zip Code
International dialing code
Contact Telephone Number (area dialing code + phone number)

Please send this info via email from your backer email to

Can you send it via email, please? I will need to assign your email to our guy who is dealing with the delivery. Also, it is not a very good idea to share your personal info publicly like this. So I would advise you to delete this message and send it via email to