Still waiting for my Collector's Edition


I backed the game on Fig in April 2017, and I’m still waiting for my Collector’s Edition box.

The thing is I moved during the development of the game. I made my email and home address changes through CrowdOx, but Snapshot still tried to reach me through my old email address, which wasn’t valid anymore. So I only realized the game was released when it came to GOG. When it did, I contacted Snapshot’s support, and a nice fellow named Nikolay sent me a GOG key for the game, and told me the Collector’s box would ship at a later date.

That was last November, but I never received the box. And every email I sent to Snapshot’s support asking for updates have been left unanswered. I also know the box wasn’t shipped to my old home address: it’s my parents’ house, they would have told me.

Can somebody here help me? I would really love to get my box. I can send more details in a private message.

Thanks in advance.

@Valygar can probably check the issue

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Thanks for backing us, and apologies that you still do not have the box.

I spoke with Nikolay, and he said that he will send it to you. He has some urgent things to do at the moment, but he will contact you via email next week.


Great ! Thank you . :slight_smile:


Just want to point out that I still haven’t heard from Nikolay. Nobody has contacted me yet.


It’s been almost 2 months and I still haven’t heard from Nikolay or anyone else.

Got my box today !

It’s bigger than I expected ! I love it !

Thank you ! :smiley: