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so overall positive

I think so. Bugs and some lack of polish seem to be reoccurring themes.

Might be worth mentioning metacritic as well. Critic score 78 and user reviews 7.2, at the time of this post. Seems to be getting a decent reception so far! I won’t be able to play until next weekend unfortunately. Masters project write up, ugh :sweat:

Awww… Beags is really not a fan. Like really, really not a fan.

Oh, Beaglerush.


:slightly_smiling_face: He does annoyingly seems to still treat things as percentage shots, and complaints about lack of information.

That said, I did already find some of the things he is complaining about annoyed already, and I am not deep into my playthrough - like playing optimally encourages pixel hunting, which gets tedious quickly.

I am sure he has some valid critiques but his missing the forest for the imaginary trees means I’d have to go searching for them, and I don’t have that time. I haven’t had a chance to play yet.

You know, all the best games I have ever played, some of them with cult following have never scored to high on review sights. Then you have those that are hyped and praised to the high havens (taking backhanders), and what are those games like? Mostly they are pretty bad.
I don’t take much notice of these sights but I know some people do, which is a shame as they usually wait years until the game is 90% off to find out what they have been missing.

Well skipping through the video I can assume he is an idiot. Thanks, but don’t paste him anymore.