Phoenix Point - Legacy of the Ancients - Defeating Ancient Guardians

This is just an option, but it seems to work,

2 heavy soldiers, with Destiny III mounted weapon, using ground elevation , also neutralizing Cyclops beam easily

Jormungandr Cannon destroying the Cyclops in two turns

3 Snipers in the right spots

2 Turrets (also Return Fire is working)

1 Technician with enough WP

2 Assault soldiers, hiding and using synergy with Onslaught


Well done!

I have yet to successfully complete one of these missions in my play throughs (I play as if its ironman, so mistakes are very costly!). I believe they made it a bit easier in the newest build but I’ve yet to dare try it again. My entire last game I avoided these missions so as to preserve my squad! So I’ve not yet had any of the special resources you need to make the new items.


GJ, and you have again shown that these turrets are OP, plus their mounted sister :wink:

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Of course, I keep posting in the Council :slight_smile:

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Hey @etermes a few questions:

1 - Is there a reason for you to left click and then click on the action instead of using one right click besides preference? Just curious.
2 - I’ve never used the Dante much. Why did you choose to use it against the cyclops as it did very low damage besides the 40 fire damage? I couldn’t tell how much damage it got from the fire and how much it got from the acid. Could you explain how fire works?

Thank you very much!

force of habit, I guess

Dante FT animation is cool, and the Cyclops was done at that moment, with Acid, so I used it, it is what that heavy soldier carried in the aircraft

So, dear readers, it could be that this tactic didn’t work when you read it to late, because the TE fights to nerf the toys that are necessary to do it again. :rofl:

I hope it will not hit these weapons to hard :wink:

Don’t worry, they are not listening to me too much :sweat_smile:

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What worked for me was the Athena Paralyze Sniper Rifle, one hit gives the Hoplite 16 Para (-2 AP) so they cant use there beam weapon

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You are going with 8 end game soldiers with high tech and use turrets… Those poor ancients got jo chance. Thi is against ancients rights!

Next site, I will try Athena, I have four of them

Those things have rights, sure, right to die :smile:

Sounds like a job for a Dedicate, Mission Specific, Strike Team! One you have created that works :smiley:

I have no difficulty at all with ancient sites on Veteran when I bring good teams of snipers, grenadiers and technicians. Stealthy infiltrator sniper kills hoplites thru their shields, especially with The help of Hel Cannons. Grenadiers and snipers just demolish the unprotected Cyclops in one turn. The cyclops often stands idle anyway (low perception or what?). By Feb 5 I’ve cleared almost all ancient sites. (i trade a lot and have 12 aircrafts therefore)

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I agree, then you should jump to Legendary

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You can see their perception in their Info screen.
AFAIK they have 60, so pretty high. But when you have good stealth then it doesn’t matter that much as long as you stay on distance.

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Tips to Beat the Hoplites & Cyclops

  1. Have more than 2 Snipers, and at least 1 each Technician and Heavy on the Team.
  2. Like Odysseus, Take out the heads eye of the Cyclops and Hoplites first. Then go for the limbs. Without legs, the Cyclops falls apart and dies.
  3. Cover, Cover, and more Cover. Use it wherever you can, to set up kill lanes that they have to come through, as you mass firepower on them.
  4. Kiting works well, in dragging them to that Kill Zone, as long as the Bait/Scout can get full cover on the way back.

Those are just the basics, and I hope they work for you. :bowing_man:


And don’t forget Athena NS-2 SR, paralysis affect Guardians, if they have less than 3 AP they can’t use their beams, Hoplites strength is 24, Athena paralysis is 16 per shot, if you hit them , mobility is severely restricted too. At that point they are useless in battefield

I used that tactic here:


You could paralyze them all, to win the mission? B-bu-but can the be taken Captive? :open_mouth:

They can’t, same with Umbra after Tar Shadow

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Having conquered all mines and refineries and received threats from factions to fight them back, I’ve finally got a mission to search for Dr Symes’ archieves to “Retrieve evidence of the Antediluvian civ” :laughing::laughing::laughing:

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