Phoenix Point - Orichalcum Forge - Drones Paralysis and Kydoimos

You can defeat Ancient Guardians using so many tactics, here a few more:


I don’t see anything special in your play. What do you want to tell us? How well you did the quest or what is your message? What did you do better than everyone else?

And I don’t care if you see something special or not, thank you for passing by

why do you post your video? Delete the sh… Nobody needs it.

I suppose this isn’t quite polite reply.

I’m not here to get a Grammy. I see no benefit from the video and therefore the request to delete it. Unless you CC have something against it.

I will just ignore you from now on, do the same, I will not delete a sh…


For f***'s sake, what are you trying to explain or prove with your video? Talk to us or delete the sh…

and what is so special about that? Once again, why can’t the creator answer for himself? 3X CC have to answer to clear up the matter. You know what…

You’re right, I’m off, good luck with anything for you :slight_smile:

I see. So that’s the criteria now? The posts must be of benefit to you, or they have to be removed?

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After all, I took a stand for a video that doesn’t deserve to be uploaded. I have given my opinion, unlike you. Just because you are CC doesn’t mean you can upload any nonsense. Imagine if everyone uploaded their video without explaining why? Just like that. For fun. The video doesn’t stand for anything. Therefore, I ask you to delete it or at least explain what it’s about. I don’t see anything special. Just read my comments.

So maybe I will explain in points:

  • it is good to use one soldier to activate Hoplites for other soldiers to get good target still without shield in line of fire.

  • it is good to use Decoy and Spider Drones to distract inaccurate but powerful attacks and also scout for enemies without putting soldiers into risk

  • Most players probably don’t know how Kydoimos grenage is effective against Hoplites. And that is why they struggle to fight for ancient sites. These grenades make it more easy, especially when shields are still not up.

  • Laser Array (Destiny 3) can easily disable most dangerous enemy ability

  • That Athena can easily prevent enemy from using most dangerous attack on those maps and it can bypass Orichalcum Shielding.

  • that PDWs can really help with dispatching Orichalcum Shielding

  • Also setting overwatch can often help when we can’t reach such enemy, especially Hel 2 is great with its shock damage.

Some of these tactics are not brilliant but often players forget about them. Video is for those who want to check how to deal easily with Antediluvian enemy without using overpowered combos.

sorry @etermes had to do this. Because there are still non-believers here which ask “why” instead of saying “thank you”.


Thank you for the clarification. Nice description but it doesn’t justify your statement. Only the player himself can judge that. It is HIS game and not everyone’s game.

Please be respectful to other people. If the video does not have any value for you, then it is fine to share your opinion, but there is no need to be so aggressive about it. The video can be useful for other people. Also, Etermes shared a short description of what is the video about. Tactics on how to defeat Ancient Guardians (Drones, Paralysis, and Kydoimos)


I saw the video. The soldiers and weapons are unremarkable but that’s what made the play style elegant. He showed how to clear a site with Basic soldiers and regular equipment. I liked it

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I’m not sure what you mean… Everyone can adjust his own tactic to what he has seen here or he can decide to skip that and use anything else. No one is forcing anyone to use any particular tactic. Some just show some tips to help others.