Phoenix Point controllable with many controller at same time (not real co-op, just improvised one)

Hi Snapshot Games Team, My question? all in Topic name ^^ it actualy be or will be ?

On Xcom2 campagn i like split my campagn marins team with my GF, (she rename, customise they own marins like she would) and we play game with 2 XBOX 360 Controler (on TV Screen). (we actualy doing same for the new DLC).

it’s easiest to make game playable with many controler for improvised co-op than build a real co-op campagn.

Have a good day! :slight_smile:

PS: sorry if i dont speak very well (?)


That’s actually a really cool idea for playing with people in the house. Probably outside the scope of their current design, but it’d be a neat addition. I wouldn’t think it would take too long to setup, since it’ll have controller support already. Be interesting to see what they think.