Xbox One Release Update

We know many of you are eagerly anticipating the launch of Phoenix Point on the Xbox One. While we had initially hoped to get our port complete by the end of the first quarter of 2020, a number of factors have now made it increasingly obvious that we won’t be able to do that. We’re disappointed, of course, but understand that we are working hard to make Phoenix Point run as smoothly and stably as possible on the Xbox One while at the same time iterating on and improving the core game; both are tasks that require significant time and resources to get right. And we want to get them right.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a fixed timeline for you yet. We hope to get the Xbox One port done very soon, but given the current unusual circumstances in the world right now, we are simply not sure of our exact timeline. We will keep you updated with more information as soon as we get it. Thank you for being patient with us and for your interest in Phoenix Point.


gutted but thanks for the update. :grin:

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Merci pour cette réponse. Moi aussi j attendPhoenix point sur xbox one avec impatience

Hi guys just want to ask are you any closer in bringing out Phoenix point on Xbox one at all so wanna play this game. Can you give a possible date Guesstimate :crossed_fingers:t2: cheers

Guess this games just for PC players time to move on and spend my money elsewhere

rather, it is a consequence of the optional fulfillment of the given promises. the game did not become a total must buy; Gollop could not make a miracle again. So resources are limited -somee obligations can be neglected. So sad. I tired to wait.

So with game pass you can’t play it on XBOX?

The Xbox version is still being developed.

It has been over 3 months since your last update. Can you please give us some kind of update? Any information at all? Please and thank you.

As soon as we have any information we can share we will make a public announcement. At the moment, development continues on the console versions.

Copy that. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Hey guys we’re still out here waiting.
X-com is my top fav game of all time.
I need this in my life get it happening guys!!


Still waiting Hoping and praying :crossed_fingers: Let’s hear something about the console versions I’m on ps4 myself please make this happen :joy:

Are there any new informations for a xbox version of the game…for me it is much more fun playing it on console

They probably won’t release them until the ps5 and Xbox series X come out gives them more time to work on them I guess :disappointed:

Bonjour, voilà un an que j attend la version console, est elle abandonné ou puis je encore espérer ?

Hello, I’ve been waiting for the console version for a year, has it been abandoned or can I still hope?

Up the topic… There are still no updates as well as no ETA?

Can’t wait to play already :smiley: Maybe I should buy Stadia only for this game.

No ETA, but the recent email mentioned they will talk about it more soon, as well as about the upcoming DLC. Unfortunately, I deleted the email already, so can’t share details word for word.

UnstableVotage…I know you can’t respond to each post asking about console versions of the game but all of us eagerly awaiting customers would love any kind of update.