How is Phoenix point these days

Dear All,
I tried that game when it was released and I founded the game with too many issues (my biggest concern was the user interface and managing bases/units). In addition there were other obvious bugs/unballances.

How do you find this game now? Is it very differnt from the release date? What are the currently most annoying issues?

I am a big fun of all Xcoms back to the era of Micropose and I just dont want to get disapointed.


In short. Enemies should not be overruning you, as algorithms deploying units are more forgiving, but now they have acid, so they don’t have to. You are dead in 2 turns anyway. Base or units management and UI haven’t changed.

What a shame…

The game work better than at launch, and many bugs have been squashed. But the base management and interface did not improve unfortunately. Still, there is a lot of new features to have fun with…