Feedback from a controller gamer

Hi there developers, I’m a gamer who usually plays big budget triple A games with a controller. It’s just much more comfortable for me. I tried Phoenix Point about 6 months ago after getting Game Pass, and uninstalled it after 10 minutes just because some controller inputs were literallly broken.

After finishing Gears Tactics, I decided to reinstall Phoenix Point again, and I was pleasantly surprised that the controller experience feels much better than it did 6 months ago. I’m happy to say I’ve been playing for more than 10 minutes now, and I plan to play it some more. I did notice a few niggles in my twenty-something minutes of playing Phoenix Point that seem like they could be easily fixed, and wanted to give some feedback.

(1) The prompts for LT and RT appear too close to the bottom of the screen, and are cut off by the bottom edge of the screen. This makes the controller UI look very unpolished, and seems like it could be easily fixed.

(2) I don’t see an option to view enemy info with a controller. That’s a lot of information hidden away from the controller user.

(3) I don’t see an option to rebind controller inputs. I can’t think of a recent PC game that doesn’t let the player rebind at least some controller inputs. I really want to reverse the right analog stick camera control.

I see that you guys are doing some really innovative things with the free-form subsystem targeting and bodily injuries. I do wish that the controller experience didn’t seem like an afterthought. Hopefully you read and consider this feedback. Thanks for continuing to work on Phoenix Point!

The biggest problem is the exploit that only works with the controller.
You can have free inventory management of friendly defenders.