Control remapping

‘Game Feedback’ sections seems to be just to do with the backer build so posting here as I assume that topic is out of date now.

I’ve just got this game through Game Pass. I really love it. It’s probably my favourite game of this type - I really like the shooting mechanics in particular. The story seems great. I think the factions are realistic. As an old gamer it’s the first time for a long while that a game isn’t treating me like a teenager.

I’ll probably buy the year one version when it’s released as I’d like to play with mods which GamePass won’t allow. I just have a question about the controls which I’m hoping someone from Snapshot could answer.

I seem to have rather unique preferences when it comes to control schemes, as generally I will have to tweak any games default settings, so it’s not that PPs are bad :slight_smile: but I notice that some binds can’t be altered, and other binds won’t allow eg. mouse wheel to be assigned.

I understand that in the grand scheme of making a game, patching, tweaking, making new content etc, this would be a low priority so I was just wondering how difficult allowing full rebinding (either in-game or through .ini tweaks for example) would be? Is it something that is unlikely to be able to be resourced? Is it a very low demand request?

It’s not a deal breaker for me, so I’d just like any honest opinions. I just know I’d be enjoying it more if I could rebind some things.

Thanks for making a great game though. Really enjoying it so far :slight_smile: Hope you’re all keeping well.