Can we get a reply from the devs on the bugs making the game unplayable?

I posted a topic about the game being unplayable and freezing within 5 minutes of launching the game. Every time. The original topic I posted appears to have been deleted.

I can not play the game I purchased. I tweeted your official account and posted here about refund information if info on a patch is not forthcoming.

Being completely silent is UNACCEPTABLE, team.


We’re currently working on a patch. We don’t have a date for it at the moment - so we haven’t announced it. It’s planned to release within the next week or two.

As there are currently several issues which we wish to address, we’re trying to get them all in one patch. This way, we can make sure all of those fixes work without causing additional problems. This works better than releasing multiple smaller patches at a more rapid pace.

So we thank you for your patience, and we will have an announcement about a patch as soon as we have a date.


This is just sad… You realize you have a moving target, as you daily get bug reports, right? So this way, you will never get it done.
What you need is a fix every 2 or 3 days in order to squash the “low hanging” bugs and give time to your developers to work on the difficult ones.
By the way, you can fire your testers and everyone who didn’t read the forums after BB5… ALL and I really mean ALL of the bugs in BB5 are still present… sad…

We didn’t see we were addressing every issue in the patch. We have a priority list for the most serious issues.