Latest Update (patch)

Just wondering if the latest patch to fix the worst bugs has been been released? I’m not sure what the latest version is from looking at the launcher, but heard it might be released today (Monday).

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Likely this mods quote - but its promised SOON, so no set dates.



We’ve been working on fixing the reported bugs all week (the worst of them at least). We’re currently testing the release candidate and we’re hoping to push the update out on Monday.

The patch wasn’t ready for release. They don’t want the patch to break more than it fixes after all. They aren’t Bethesda.


Actually the Sega and Colonial Marines did the “standard raise” :slight_smile:

I do hope they fix BB3 before BB4

Some of it will, but at a certain point it’ll be more fruitful to just make BB4 and then fix the bugs that make BB4 unplayable

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This just killed me :joy: not being bethesda nor e.a. is a good thing!

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Hopefully there will be an official announcement on here when it’s released or patch notes at the start up screen