Any devs actually responding?

Maybe I have been spoiled on Steam but there are usually a few devs responding to various issues, at least the games I play. Mostly Warhammer 2 but a few others as well.

I hate that weird sound of silence.

PS: Or could be that they are so busy patching … :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes - we’re here, we’re reading and we’re responding.

We can’t reply to every single post/topic however, as there are far too many - often the same issues repeated.

The development team are all hard at work on patches and testing - and the community team consists of I, me and myself. Despite the fact I hardly sleep - I can only respond so much :grinning:


take care of your health.who’s going to answer when you go to sleep like a grizzly)))

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I’ll get my assistant on it


the beautiful dog, let us are happy him always :love_you_gesture: :love_you_gesture:

So any chance for the patch on this weekend? :slight_smile:

I doubt they have any deadlines when it comes to patching, Epic is not Steam where you can throw out a beta for people to test. They need to be sure the patch accomplishes it´s intended goals, that is really hard to put a date on unless you have tons of “patch testers”.

We’re testing the patch now as we want to avoid surprises. It will either deploy later today or possibly Monday.


Epic does not support betas? Wow, no modding, and not even betas. Really outstanding product. But why support betas if the store itself is a beta, right? xD

Man, don’t go this way, issue a patch today. Probably me and a lot of people waiting to play a game at the weekend.

We’ve already seen what can happen releasing a patch if it’s not fully tested. We know where are issues that need fixing, and rest assured, we’re working to do that. At the same time, we don’t want to introduce more problems in a patch than we fix.



lol,now we have cat and dog in the forum

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Can you give Julian a kiss for me, and whisper in his ear “Well done” ?

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Ok, thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Get the patch right & release it when its ready. I’m having fun enough, flaws & all.

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I dunno, i think there is a lot of angst even among people who are loving it, and a sooner patch that fixes X things would be received much better than waiting for a bigger one that fixes 2X things and needs a lot more testing.

I am sure they know from bug reports which things are making life most unpleasant for us.

Having a PP that works just a little better for the weekend would be preferable to even 3 times as many fixes on monday for me at least :slight_smile:

Might backfire and reduce Julian’s will points, causing a panic.


exactly mriguana

If I may - please get some rest, the same applies to everyone working on the project. No game, no matter how good - needs people to burn out working on it 24/7.

We waited before and can do so again!
Merry Christmas all.