Patch 1.9."2" Patchlogs?

What has changed today?


Still no info =/

It really might been as simple as the changed privacy policy and the Heavy skin.

I think it is about this one:

Snapshot gives us a code for the game and with it you get a small gift when you start a new campaign. I assume that this little present also needed the little update to 1.9.2 (it really wasn’t much).

Redeem code here:

Edit: The code also worked with my Epic version.


Code works and give us early heavy cannon and coloured heavy armour pack as bonus

On start screen at lower left corner, most right option is enter promo code.
to unlock.

I suppose all other bugs are there :slight_smile:

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Is this a new armor ie you need to start new game to show it (like Prestige armor)?

Or is it armor tint ie you can change for any heavy soldiers and it’s regardless of new/existing game?

No. Its one ordinary extra set of heavy armor *legs, chest, head plus heavy cannon immediately

It needs a new campaign

This doesn’t work on the GOG version, though. I tread it, and it didn’t work. Several other GOG players complained about it on Reddit as well.