Frustrating "skin" implementation

Does anyone else find it frustrating how promotional skins are implemented in Phoenix Point?

I like cosmetics, but unlike in XCOM1&2 those new items impact gameplay experience. Starting with couple spare sets of armors does give player a boost - whenever as the result one doesn’t need to invest into producing new armors pieces when recruiting new soldiers, or by being able to scrap those items. It would make far more sense to me, to be able to set a skin in customisation options.

It probably isn’t a big deal, but still something that irritates me.

(disclaimer: it’s been some time since I played PP. Please let me know if the “issue” has been addressed already).

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It hasn’t, you still get all armour and weapons for free when activating the promo skins :roll_eyes:

OH … and I agree with you, they should not be for free but usable skins for customisation. I guess there is no functionality for this and I doubt it will be implemented at this stage of the game … unfortunately :unamused:

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Yeah I’d honestly give up all the extra starting gear happily for a toggle that let me change the appearance of my armor once I build it.

Or hell, just to build any type from the armor menu. I hate that when I lose a guy wearing it in the wrong type of mission it’s just gone forever, and while not every skin is great, some of them (the heavy armor with the bones) are really good.

I mean they could even release cosmetic packs if they wanted (reasonably priced) but they’d be a tough buy unless they could be applied to multiple pieces.