No “HAPPYHEAVYHOLIDAYS” gift code for players on GOG?

The holidays gift code “HAPPYHEAVYHOLIDAYS” is rejected as invalid code on my GOG version of Phoenix Point (v.1.91). A bunch of other players of the GOG version complained about the same problem on Reddit.

I think version 1.9.2 is the one that enables this code. I’m not totally sure though, but it seems this is the only change in this version. So you’ll need it for the code to work, and I hear gog updates are delayed sometimes (in many games).


You need to have the 1.9.2 version for the HAPPYHEAVYHOLIDAYS code to work. GOG is a curated shop which means that when we send them a patch they do not put it live straight away but it has to go through their curation. We are sending patches to all the stores at the same time but Steam and EGS are not curated so the patches appear there faster.


Does SG know that upgrading to 1.9.2 is failing at “Executing setup” stage in Galaxy? Playing on 9.1 does work, and the previous update was fine too, was it a change on SG’s or GOG’s side that causes it?

@Potkeny I’m surprised that 1.9.2 even appears in Galaxy for you. I still can only see the 1.9.1 release notes, and no further updates are available for me.

Strangely enough, the latest GOG version is named 1.9.4 (setup_phoenix_point_year_one_edition_1.9.4_(43348) in full), which is a bit confusing because the patch notes go only up to 1.9.1.

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I don’t actually see the next version, but when switching from 1.9.1 to “automatic updates”, it starts one (then fails), so something is messed up there.

And yes, gog-numbers are around .3 higher than snapshot numbers, 1.9.0 was 1.9.3 I believe.

I have auto-updates activated as well, and this doesn’t happen to me. I also run daily updates of offline-installers via gogrepo, and there are no new files for PP yet.

I’d love to see an answer by Snapshot about when or if GOG version will get this gift code enabled or not. I mean, the last patch note we got was for version 1.9.1, and people say you need 1.9.2 to redeem the code. The GOG version says 1.9.4, and all of this is very confusing. Does version 1.9.2 even exist?

Even Steam shows Polaris 1.9.1 as the latest patch, and the gift code seems to work with Steam.
Is the gift code exclusive to Steam and Epic or what is going on?

Any Snapshot reps here to answer the question?

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@4-vector, I know you want an SG representative to answer and I hope you get that, but @Potkeny already answered:

Unfortunately I don’t know why that is, though.

About the GOG update… Since GOG is curated I assume either it’s being held for validation, or was denied because there are no changes besides the code and thus users will have to wait for the next version. Even though my opinion is worth nothing in reality, I think you’ll get to use the code, it’s just a matter of time.

Based on my experience with other (indie) games on gog, end-of-the-year updates can get delayed quite a bit due to the vacations happening, so hopefully it’s just that, some extra weeks to wait.

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Any update on this issue? It looks that GOG Holidays are going to be in summer… :slight_smile:

So now 1.9.3 has been released and GOG is still on 1.9.1

We are sending the patches at the same time to all the stores. I just got a confirmation that we did indeed send them 1.9.2 and 1.9.3. We also reminded them about these patches now.


Thanks Valygar - Let’s hope they wake up and roll-out before the weekend

Is there any update (response from Gog?) on this issue?

I saw some updates to achievements (they now behave better and the finished percentage is correctly counted in Galaxy) but sadly no patch yet…

1.9.3 has finally arrived on GOG and HAPPYHEAVYHOLIDAYS is available

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Congratulations, guys!
Happy New Year! :blush:

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Thanks Lorifel!
I have almost bought used Christmas tree for this occasion, but then I saw the 1.10 patch announcement…
So, here we go again :slight_smile:

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