Multiple code on PP YOE

  • Got YOE Steam version, finally!
  • Installed, 1.9.2 there
  • Entered new year code, got message accepted
  • Entered Presige armor code, got message code accepted
  • Started tutorial rookie, passed
  • Got none of presents?

Works like Gnome pants (South park) plan!

After the tutorial they should be available as armor and weapons.

Yeah, tried the new year code alone on Epic version and indeed - you get the santa colours heavy armor and heavy cannon. Tried both codes on Steam and got none. Maybe multiple code entries are not really accepted?

Both should work. Where they rejected? Or just not there? One must start a new game for them to show up.

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  • Entered new year code, got message accepted
  • Entered Prestige armor code, got message code accepted

When you have time try both codes, just to be sure does multiple code entry works.
I opted to play tutorial, if of any help.

Try a new game without tutorial just to see if they show up. That’s what I did and they were there.

Tried re-entering the codes, both reedemed already.

Tried hero no tutorial - no presents
Tried rookie no tutorial - they are there, both.

Conclusion - they work only on rookie NO prologue, so still a bug.

They worked for me (Steam) on Veteran without doing the tutorial. But, as is the case with many, bugs… sometimes they rear their ugly heads and sometimes they don’t. Which is why squashing them can be difficult at times.

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hmmm I also tried on veteran. Maybe hero is not enabling them.

May I ask which are those codes?

The only one I’m aware of is the one shared be the Devs in their Happy Holiday news message on Steam: HAPPYHEAVYHOLYDAYS

The other is the Refer-a-friend code:


Thank you so much!:+1:t2:
I didn’t knew about it. :blush: