Pain Chameleon - Is there any counter to it?

The Pain Chameleon on some variants of the Tritons are pretty irritating. Is there any technology/upgrade/equipment that will allow your troops to detect them even when they cloak?

Some things I done so far are more like weird actions like vaguely guessing where the Triton moved after cloaking and lobbing a grenade over there and pray. Or I send a Spider Drone there and hope it reveals the Triton. However, these are usually only effective like 2 out of 10 times.

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I think there are two ways to handle that problem:

  • Disable the torso with the first shot so that the Triton looses Pain Chameleon ability
  • Or make him more or less harmless by disabling a lower weapon hand, weapon or by dazing him.

Units with high enough perception can see them when adjacent, even in the mist. A soldier with the heavy helmet or strongman perk wont see them even when adjacent (unless maybe they have taken the farsighted perk).

Even if you can’t see them, war cry’s range is 10 tiles and sniper tritons won’t be able to shoot on their turn.

A cheater way is to use “dash” (or just use the mouse to scan the tiles) to see where you can’t actually move. This has been a feature all along. They did finally fix war cry showing unknown units, so maybe they will get around to this one too.


For the first one, it is situational. Depends on the angle that you see the Triton because some times the torso is not visible from where your soldier is.

Disabling the arm is find I guess. Again, situational as it also depends on the angle that your Soldier(s) see it.

As Lorifel says, disabling the torso asap is the most viable option.

Another trick is to keep a Grenadier in reserve. When the Triton Vanishes, pay attention to the direction it vanishes in, then lob a grenade into that general area. That usually finishes it off.

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My personal favorite against PC is a fire grenade. They will take the damage from the fire grenade, as they move through fire and at the start of their turn from the status effect. Usually it’s enough to kill them.


If you watch closely you will see a very faint patch of light move when they use their ability. This gives you a good clue where they’ve gone, which helps.

But most of the time I only shoot them if I can one-shot them or take out their torso.

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Fire and virus help.


-chameleon tritons tend to be fragile, this makes them very susceptible to fire grenades, especially since pain chameleon forces a move, and moving through fire tiles increases the damage dealt to their squishy limbs. while this doesn’t keep the triton revealed, it will often kill or disable the triton outright

-pain chameleon is a willpower ability, willpower abilities cannot be triggered when disrupted, panicked or dazed, so these conditions can be used to keep the triton visible. using the disruptor head, induce panic or a cannon shot/hammer wack can do the trick.

-pain chameleon is tied to the torso, if you can cripple the torso with a single attack… usually a sniper shot, you can prevent the triton from using the ability.

-pain chameleon triggers an extreme form of camouflage, making the units practically invisible in mist and very hard to spot when not in mist…but not unspottable, this means that the effect of pain chameleon is almost negated when melee is employed against them, as the melee range fighter will immediately spot him after the cloak is triggered. the cloak is also a 1/turn ability…so even if fire comes in after, the triton can not recloak. note that the unit in melee doesn’t have to be one of your troops, spider drones can also keep tritons revealed by hugging them, and then having someone else shoot.

-pain chameleon doesn’t muffle the tritons sound, while still invisible a triton that is hurt will become a “blink” if any troopers are within hearing range if he is hurt by a blast after using its cloak… allowing you to pinpoint its location.


AOE works great. War Cry stops the constant sniping. Pain Chameleon means no regeneration, so cripple a lower arm or the torso itself.

It’s annoying, but by no means game-breaking.


Thanks for the tips everyone! Guess that is one pain in the ass that we have to live with.

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You’re welcome, but imho it’s not a ‘pain in the ass’.

It’s a challenge that you have to figure out how to overcome - just like Sirens MC’ing your perps are a challenge, or Scylla Tyrants blasting you with Daze Cannons, or Goo Chirons & Spitters, or RF’ing Arthrons, or Tar Shadows, or any of the many other tactical considerations you have to deal with as the game progresses.

So Pain Chameleon is just one of the many interesting ways the Pandas use to make your life difficult, and if they weren’t there, this game would be incredibly easy(er than it is) and boring.