Is there a way to counter the 'Pain Chameleon' ability?

So this very common enemy, the Arthron, has the Pain Chameleon ability that makes it become invisible when it takes damage. Is there any way at all to counter that ability? It seems that not only is it totally impossible to decloak and target it, even throwing a grenade at its location did no damage. And even on the next turn, it moves and fires while staying invisible, so overwatch or RF don’t trigger either! Meaning that you have no chance to avoid its damage unless you can move every unit completely out of sight.

Any way to avoid this except killing it or disabling its Torso on the first shot?

Hi, in their cloaked state they will take grenade damage. Also if you have the red marker showing them you can shoot at that area and if its there it will take damage. Sometimes if they are bleeding you can actually see the spurting fluids coming from mid air. You can target the spurting area and do damage. I used to hate these but like many of the enemies, (Except for grenade/MG combo crabbies) you find your way of countering them.

Ok… tried to fire at the area and used grenades once or twice, without effect. Might have been bad luck then that all bullets missed. I’ll try that again.

If you move a unit close enough (usually right next to them) they will be revealed I think. Always keep a high-mobility, shotgun-equipped Assault handy for irritant-removal duties!

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As they hug the floor. I tend to aim at the very base of the red indicator if its there. The grenades often set them bleeding so look for the spurts of ‘blood’ to assist the aiming.

Nelviticus is correct on this. It seems they reveal only if next to them.

I use spider drones to reveal them - shoot first, then explode drone.

Also, in addition to the above comments, those enemies are the “tritons”. Arthrons are the crab people.

When I started the game, I found the pain chameleon power to be a pain and an annoyance, but the more I played, I found it to be a great addition. Tritons have much less defensive capabilities, so they need some way to avoid fire. I find that the mist expulsion power and pain chameleon merely make it slightly harder to hit them. As mention, you can still fire where you believe they are. I’ve had that successfully hit them a good few times.

Also, it adds a nice wrinkle that forces you to adjust your attack plan.

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You have their position from sound, some shoot will work fine enough without reveal them, for sure without aiming parts. When stop is harder, so it’s more for one shoot in case you can’t reveal but want ensure more damages and eventually a kill.

Does anyone know if those helmet addons later in the game counteract it? The tracking ones.

The only helmets I saw related to detection was for night and for sound, I used second without notice anything related to invisibility. I tried a bit the first, but on few soldiers and not much.

Sort of. If you have a soldier with a sensor close enough you’ll see the ping move as you would for an unspotted enemy.

Close enough but not that close it is working already without helm sensor. It’s not even related to a soldier but related to whole team.

I hadn’t noticed that. Do you mean that you really only need one motion sensor per team and any extra are redundant?

Are you throwing a grenade at the location it was when it went invisible? if so, then you aren’t aiming at it. Once it goes invisible, it moves to a different location. You could kind of see where it went, so you could try aiming near that location with a grenade. I have found that if you have a soldier selected and try to move, the location of the triton is not a place where he/she can move to (you can do this even if it’s outside of the your move range.) There will literally be a spot where the cursor jumps over because you can’t move your unit over the triton. You could use this to get an idea of where it’s at and then throw the grenade or shoot at that spot (aim low, as they tend to “crouch”)

No, I was only meaning that the sound detection is done by all team.

I was talking about motion sensors. I know you’d argue with a paper bag caught in an updraft if given the chance but at least try and stay on topic.


If you feel cheesy, you can also use Dash to show the square which the triton occupies. I hope they will remove these movement-related detection methods in a future patch.