Can`t target enemies in the mist

Before Cthulhu: If you stood next to enemies in the mist, you unrevealed them to attack them.
In Cthulhu: That is impossible.

So no strategy is possible against those enemies.

I think this is intended, mist should protect the pandorans. But I’m not sure if it is wanted that they are completely invisible.

The solution I use for this ‘problem’ is pretty simple:

  • Grenades
  • Mist repeller modules as I have access to them

Yeah, but for this you need urgently Synedrion technology.

Yep, and before you have this: Grenades, Grenades, Grenades.
My building list at the beginning is always full of Grenades.

I also simply shoot on the red marker and mostly hit what ever there is.


Actually the way Louis said it it feels like this is more bug-like than anything else. Mist is a sight blocker for humans but the only other time I ever saw a sight blocker prevent adjacent units from seeing eachother was when one of them wound up inside the terrain.

Was it a Triton that cast Pain Chameleon after you hit it and went into the mist?

Sorry, don`t know, what you mean. It was a Triton casting mist.

Before and after Cthulhu you can usually spot enemies in the mist by standing next to them.

The one exception I know of (and it existed before Cthulhu) is when there is mist (whatever the source), and a Triton with the Pain Chameleon ability gets hit (you know, some Tritons when you hit them disappear and walk away somewhere, and you can’t see them until next turn) and disappears walking into the mist.

That’s why I’m asking, if it’s that or something else.

The other possibility is if it’s a Triton with high stealth (some have up to 40% and your soldier had low perception).

Ah, ok, understood.
Now the Triton just started his mist, he wasn`t hit by me. Next round I walked next to him, but there only remained the “located” marker.

Tonight on 2 different missions I had Tritons cast mist. In the first one, the Triton remained visible in the mist even after casting it. The second time it moved and disappeared, but when next turn I approached the location marker (red ping) with a soldier the Triton was visible again.