Hidden/Invisible/Unrevealed Enemies Detectable

I’ve noticed on several tactical levels that Hidden/Invisible/Unrevealed enemies will have an indicator as to their location in the world whether or not I should be able to see/detect them. It trivializes the matter by allowing me to preemptively throw grenades or shoot into empty spaces. Attached is an example:

Hidden Triton

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I think that only occurs when you can “hear” them move. At longer range it doesn’t happen.

It gets pretty annoying when the triton is cloaked and point blanks you with a shotgun.

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Another thing I notice that if Triton clockes and you figure out where he is hiding (which isn’t tricky) even if you kill him the ping will persist.

Regarding cloacking tritons - there is a mechanic where if you stand by them when they cloak, the cloak doesn’t work (come right to one, shoot one in a face, he will try to cloak, but will be revealed).

However, even if they cloak you can easily spot their location, as your movement range will exclude the tile he is standing at. If possible I would prefer to:

The tile still being shown as something one can stand on. But when unit moves to a tile next to conceal triton, it will get reveal, just as he gets revealed when he conceals when standing next to you.