How to spot an invisible triton

  1. Look at the direction wounded triton goes.
  2. Place cursor at every square near that direction.
  3. When you find inaccessible square with no obstacles, that’s where our prey is, lol.
  4. Then you go point blank and the triton is revealed.

I think it’s obvious blunder. Must be fixed…

No, it shouldn’t, it gives you at least a chance to deal with them without getting shot

If you have assault soldier nearly, you can activate dash and see squares without dots on it. Aaand there he is. (Also may be used, when enemies hidden behind the wall)

Warcry reveal the location as well.

It should be fixed. Why bad UI should help player in not intended way?

These are all cheesy solutions, but IRL there are things called “thermal viewers” that would have the same effect.

…drones, smoke grenades, claymores / sensor grenades, aircraft artillery support etc.

Assuming the Pandorans are warm blooded.

There’s also Synedrion motion detection devices. Invaluable really

I often just snipe at the “ping” lol

Actually, if the visual camouflage works in the infrared spectrum (possibly others as well), thermal vision would be fairly useless too