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Hello all,

I’m a long time fan of the original X-COM series, and it was my first game on PSX when I noticed they ported it over.

After playing the pre-alpha, I have to say this game has a lot of potential to scratch that itch for a new game that expands and improves the original systems. I can tell you, the first playthrough had me sweating. The way the Crabmen are presented, their tactics, movements. I felt giddy. As I played through the mission, I learned the various mechanics and status effects. I played a bit reserved, like I would have in FXcom, and it did not work out in my favor, let me tell you. Whether incomplete or intended, this game did not seem to hand you the answer on a silver platter. A learning curve is very important to me. At the conclusion of the mission, I felt like I was taught some very important lessons in humility. I can’t wait to show the game what I’ve learned on my next try.

Another thing I’d like to touch on.

I’ve creeped around the forums this morning, and I’ve noticed some posts regarding loss of limbs, ‘trash soldiers’, and others.

The main reason I was excited about Phoenix Point, is that I had an amazing amount of fun with the the creator’s original games. It’s was an obscure and complicated system. Sometimes, things did not go your way. I look at other games like… UFO Defense, TFtD, Rimworld, Stellaris, and Dark Souls. These are all brutal games in their own right. The creators have the chance to create an intriguing and involving system that has rewards, has consequences, and goals. They have the ability to create soldiers that are unique, learn at their own individual pace, and have their own triumphs and failures. They have the same ability with other factions, and even the aliens themselves. Every bit of development, good or bad, that a soldier or faction has to go through gives that entity it’s own character. So, yes, your soldier took massive damage from a Queen in one strike. He know has issues with a limb. Honestly, if I had it my way, it’d be a lot more complicated than that. Oh look, he’s lost a kidney. I would like to just say to everyone, please keep an open mind. Part of the allure to me is the brutality of this dev’s past work. I will be sad if it’s less than his best in that regard, that being said…

No matter what happens past 0.1, I am excited. FXcom was a let-down to me in some ways, I mean, it’s a good game… I play it in my normal game rotation, but I wanted something more. I completely trust the Dev’s judgement.

To coin a term from Dark Souls, I hope this is a game that forces the players to ‘Git Gud’.

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