Free Aim change

Hey guys,

I have just seen that:

" * In order to prevent misfires due to flinching, targets will now freeze during the firing sequence when shooting in Free Aim."

What is the concensus about that change? One one hand I think it will be easier on new players - aiming at head and missing most of the shots was a common complaint. At the same time, won’t it make freeaim even more favourable then it already was? Allowing players to reliably maximise weapon output even with burst weapons?

For anyone that played: how does it work? Do enemies freeze in some neutral state, or do they freese in whatever moment they were when we activated freeaim?


They freeze at the moment of Free Aim. Undo.FA they move a little.

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Personally not a fan, but haven’t given it much of a chance yet. If anyone can point out how to disable this change, I would.


My big issue is that it makes the whole Free Aim static. It removes some of the immersion from prior to the change. It can also make FA that much more powerful.


It was so cool when the siren clawed her head during an AR burst and ducked. If I got it right, that’s gone now. Snapshot, that was exactly one of the things you did better than Firaxis.


@Wormerine Can you pin this to Phoenix Point section? :smiley:

I also don’t like this change. But Facebook fanpage shows that people are fine with it and they say “thanks” to Snapshot for squishing this “bug” or badly implemented feature… I want it back as the option “Target animation during shots” ON!


I would like to know who on this forum likes this change.

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@Yokes thanks. I always forget about having to manually choose the subforum.

This is absolutely something I would like to be able to toggle. 2nd wave option?


Same thoughts exactly, they should implement it in the options

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A toggle would be good for both sides/schools of thought.

I like the change.

It makes more sense to me that when you actually choose to fire, it’s at the point that you’re aiming at instead of at some random animation point x milliseconds later.

I don’t see the point of going to all the trouble of implementing a user-controlled aiming system if you disregard the aiming input.

Perhaps it creates a kind of timing minigame where you have to learn their behaviours to enhance the aiming?

Some people like the extra challenge. Others don’t see the point. Both points are valid.


But I think it makes snap-aim quite redundant. I need to play it, to see how I feel about it, but my initial impressions is that now I will never ever use snap aim.

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Well: one can honestly argue about taste. Personally, I really liked the moving free aim animation. It was unique because the animation felt like a first person shooter in a TBS game. I thought it was awesome.

About challenge: You can beat the game completely without free aim. The truth is, the most effective methods don’t need free aim at all.

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The free aim animation is still there. The change only affects what happens after you click shoot. Previously when you clicked shoot the animation continued and you would end up shooting at a different point in the animation cycle x ms later.

Now, when you shoot, it is at that exact point in the animation cycle.

I really can’t see what the fuss is about. This change makes it more intuitive and reactive to player actions.

That’s exactly what I don’t like :wink:


So you say that “animation during shot - on/off” is hard to implement? Even if it was already in the game and they disabled it?

In my opinion that animation represented target in move (even if we saw him standing still - because it is our turn). That felt more natural than super precise aim that cannot miss.
And it should be still “on”, because without “repeat” animation, players would always wait and choose the best possible angle. Previously they at least had in mind that “I have chosen this exposure, but enemy still can hide”


Facebook people > Forum people

It takes something out of the game that added a bit of a random chance to things. Making an easier game even easier. It’s a repeating pattern and it’s completely frustrating to deal with.


That is not remotely what I said at all.

The free-aim system was originally developed with the purpose of giving the player more agency over the random 95% chance = miss that everyone complained about so much that memes were created for it.

It seems to me to be more in line with the original purpose of the system where you have more control over the aim.

If you are desperate for more randomness to make it more challenging for yourself, then use the non-free aim mode to shoot. That mechanism is already there and provides no control only randomness.

If I wanted to play an action-reaction based game, I wouldn’t be playing a turn-based strategy.

The ‘snapshot’ is not random; it always aims at centre mass of the target, while with freeaim you aim at a point in space.

During freeaim the target continues to cycle through its idle animation, which makes it sometimes more exposed and allows to take an optimal shot (a Triton lurches forward, out of cover, for example). Previously this was counterbalanced by the fact that the target might move away, so it was a risk-reward scenario. So if you wanted less risk, you could 1) not take the shot during the lurch, or 2) use snapshot, which guarantees aim at centre mass.

Now all this is meaningless. Now you should always go into freeaim and wait as the target cycles through the idle animation until you have the optimal shot.