What is up with Overwatch ... ? Has it been changed?

Previously I have postede (and sent F12-bugrepport) about Arthron Umbra ignoring Overwatch.

Only now I had 3 Mindfraggers running through multiple Overwatch-zones set up at an opening in a Citadel.

2 Mindfraggers made it to at took control of one of the Overwatching soldiers, the other got shot in mid air in the leap to another Overwatching soliders face …

It´s like there is now only a percentage chance or something for Overwatch to be triggered.

That might be a cool feature (maybe it was like that in Jagged Alliance??), but I have heard nothing of a change like that and it again would need to be balanced in as a whole, if Overwatch is no more completely reliable.

Is it just at bug? Anyone heard of them acknowleding this and timeframe to fix??

Nop, AFAIK. I’m pretty sure it’s a bug. Don’t know if devs are aware or not. Did you report it via F12?

Edit: sorry, just read your post again and saw that you already F12ed the Umbra incident.

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I also think it’s probably a bug, I’ve not experienced this, overwatch works the same as before in my game.

One thing to think about is, when did you start this campaign? Was it before the latest patches? Some of the recent big patches break old saves in unexpected ways.

AI can navigate around your overwatch cones, if you have a gap in between them or not covering doors or other openings fully, they can just pass around.

Would be okay, but some times just standing Overwatch on “open ground".

Might be in front of a door or opening in Citadel - still should not be possible to avoid .
I could understand what you sat if through trees or some such.